You select a bouquet of services which you require on a monthly basis. Based on your selection of services and volume of your business’ transactions, you are slotted into a fee category. The monthly fee is then fixed for 12 months, allowing you to easily budget and plan ahead, and knowing exactly what you are paying for.

We offer the following services:


We offer a full bookkeeping function to your business. Right from the monthly capturing and reconciliation of bank accounts, petty cash, debtors/creditors reconciliations, through to the final trial balance.

Management Reports

Our great value add is our customized monthly financial reports to the business owner. These reports are customized according to the client’s unique business needs and includes graphs and trends.

Annual Financial Statements

The Companies Act requires all companies to compile annual financial statements. We make use of the latest frameworks to ensure that your business’ financial reporting is up to standard.

VAT returns

Calculation of the VAT amount due to/from SARS and submission of the VAT201.

Income Tax returns

We handle all personal and corporate income tax calculations & returns.

Tax Clearance certificates

A tax clearance certificate is a certification from SARS that all your business’s tax matters are in order. This is very helpful when tendering for new business, and shows that you are serious about compliance.


We offer a fully outsourced payroll function including submission of monthly EMP201 returns and annual/bi-annual employer reconciliations to SARS.

SARS registrations

All tax related registrations for your business, including registration for income tax, VAT and employees tax.

Company secretarial services

All company secretarial services, including registration of new companies, amendments to company’s details, submission of annual CIPC Returns, etc.

Specialist tax services

Through our network of tax specialists, we can also provide assistance with tax advice, opinions on complex tax matters, objections and appeals against assessments, alternate dispute resolution hearings, etc.

Standard legal contracts

Many smaller business owners cannot afford the high costs of having a lawyer draft their legal contracts. However, through our network we can provide your business with affordable standard legal contracts, including lease agreements, various sale agreements, etc. Please contact us for more details.